Usage Agreement

Revolver Community Usage Agreement

Thank you very much for using 'シネフィル アジア' (hereafter referred to as 'this service'), which is operated and supplied by 株式会社Miramiru (hereafter referred to as 'this company'). This service is a service which is affiliated with the social network platform Revolver Community (hereafter referred to as 'rvlvrco'), which is developed and provided by Revolver, Inc. (hereafter referred to as 'Revolver').

This agreement explains matters we would like you to understand when using this service. Please pay close attention when reading the following.

Article 1 Definitions

The meaning of the terms used in this agreement will be determined as follows.

(1) "User" refers to all users of this site (Excluding those under 13 years of age). Users who have registered and are logged in are referred to as "registered users." Users using this service without registering as members are referred to as "visiting users."

(2) 'Content' refers to the information published within this service, such as images, text, video, etc.

(3) 'This site' refers to the website ( managed by this company in order to offer this service.

Article 2 Scope of Applicability

By using this service, users have consented to the terms of this agreement, which apply to any and all use(s) of this service by the user. In the event that any terms of use conflict with this agreement, this agreement shall have precedence. However, those under the age of 13 may not use the service.

Article 3 Handling of Personal Information

This company handles personal information appropriately in accordance with the 'privacy policy'.

Article 4 User Responsibilities

1 Users utilize this service at their own risk, and accept all responsibility regarding preparation, upkeep and management of equipment for utilizing this service, and all conduct and consequences

carried out as a result of utilizing this service.

2 This company accepts no responsibility whatsoever regarding the details of content that users submit while using this service. The responsibility for content submitted while using this service belongs entirely to the user.

3 Registered users must register an email address as their registered email address, and shall carry out revision and management of said email address on their own responsibility.

Article 5 Alteration of Service

This company may alter, suspend or cease this service or this agreement without prior notification at this company's discretion. Users will deemed to be in agreement with the contents at the time of alteration.

Article 6 Rights Regarding Content

1 Rights regarding the content made available by this company on this site belong to this company or to the original author.

2 Users who submit contents using this service shall guarantee to this company that the content in question does not infringe upon the rights of any third party.

3 The copyright and all other rights of content submitted using this service belongs to the user who produced the content in question.

4 This company may use or alter content submitted by users to the extent necessary for smooth provision of this service, or construction and maintenance of this company's system.

Article 7 Exemption from Liability

1 This company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused through usage of or inability to use this service, or through usage of or inability to use link destinations from this service. this company shall be exempt from liability in the event that a dispute arises with a users regarding transmission fees that have occurred due to usage of this service.

2 This company does not offer any kind of guarantee regarding color, shape, positioning, etc of content on this site.

3 Where this company determines that conduct that violates this agreement or any other usage agreements or conduct that is likely to do so has been carried out by a user, this company will

take all kinds of action such as warnings, suspension of use, and account removal procedures. This company will not accept any responsibility regarding any kind of damages resulting from this.

Article 8 Prohibited Acts

When utilizing this service, users must not carrying out any act that falls under the following items.

In the event that the following prohibited acts are violated, all kinds of action may be taken, such as warnings and suspension of usage.

* Acts which violate the law, as well as acts which promote or facilitate such acts of violation

* Sexually obscene or violently represented acts

* Acts which are likely to cause excessive discomfort to others

* Acts which place excessive burden on the servers using this service

* Acts which hinder other users using this service

* Acts which infringe upon the rights of others, including the honor, social credibility, privacy, likeness usage rights, publicity rights, copyrights, or any other intellectual property rights of others

* Acts that fall under the slander, coercion, or harassment of other users

* Acts of expression regarding discrimination related to ethnicity, religion, race, gender, age, etc

* Acts that promote or encourage suicide, group suicide, self-injury, illegal drug use, drug use that circumvents the law, etc

* Acts of buying and selling, auctioning, or other similar acts where consent of this company has not been obtained

* Acts with the purpose of advertising or publicizing products and services, and solicitation acts through spam mails, chain mails, etc, where consent of this company has not been obtained

* Fraudulent acts using the name of another person

* Other acts deemed inappropriate by this company

* Acts which conform with the above listed acts

Article 9 Payment for premium services

In case you would utilize any premium charged service in this community, you must get an account of Revolver Wallet, smart payment system provided by Revolver,Inc.
For using Revolver Wallet, you must have a credit card as like Visa, Master and American Express or PayPal account.

Article 10 Validity of This Agreement and Other Usage Agreements

Even if part of the regulations in this agreement or other usage agreements are deemed invalid by law, all other regulations of this agreement as well as other usage agreements will remain valid.

Article 11 Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

1 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

2 Where the necessity for litigation arises between a user and this company, it shall be resolved by the Tokyo District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

Supplementary Provisions

1 This agreement shall be enforced from Oct 31th, 2013.

2 This agreement will also be applicable to acts carried out by users prior to enforcement of this